The Ideal Jewelry  

Searching jewelry stores for an original item can be futile and frustrating. Too much time is spent looking through jewelry showcases just to have all the pieces look the same. MENDOCINO gems in Mendocino, California, presents fine jewelry that can capture the right personality. From items that we create to local art jewelry, we are certain we have the ideal piece for you. 



Don’t leave heirloom jewelry sitting in the jewelry box just because it’s not your style. We can rework stones or jewelry that you have inherited, into something you would love to wear or even give as a present. Our team can create custom jewelry for you from the following materials:

Silver | Gold | Platinum | Diamonds | Sapphires | Rubies | Emeralds

Wedding and Engagement Rings

Have your wedding ring designs be a reflection of the things you treasure in life. Whether it’s a family member’s diamond or a precious stone, we will make your design a reality. If you don’t have a design and would rather choose the rings, we have a stunning selection of pre-made wedding sets. Our collection includes sterling to diamond encrusted bands that can range from affordable to a bit more expensive.

Unique Art Jewelry

MENDOCINO gems represents local art jewelers in Northern California. Although the materials may be similar, every artist has a different perspective and style when they create their jewelry. Our team carries items from these artists to offer an exquisite variety of jewelry such as rings, earrings, and necklaces.